Switzerland Tourism has launched the "Swisstainable" campaign to demonstrate that Switzerland is a sustainable destination. In Switzerland, we have always paid attention to bringing the needs of our guests, the local population and the environment into a harmonious balance. We will continuously develop the Einstein St.Gallen in the direction of sustainability.

Swisstainable Einstein St.Gallen


We have a partnership with the non-profit organization SapoCycle. Our housekeeping team collects all hard and liquid soaps from hotel rooms after use. The soaps are recycled by people with disabilities and then distributed to improve the hygienic conditions of families in need.

Housekeeping - SapoCycle

Sustainable room cleaning

All rooms and public areas are cleaned with ozone. This allows us to reduce the use of chemicals by 90%. Ecoblau's ozone generator turns tap water into ozone using a magnetizer as a pre-filter to change the molecular structure of water and create advanced oxidants. Ozone in water is naturally unstable. When the ozonated water comes into contact with the dirty surface, the third oxygen atom is released, oxidizing the dirt and grease and allowing it to be easily wiped away.

Room cleaning with ozone

Too Good To Go

Food waste is and remains a constant topic in gastronomy. In order to save food, we put together so-called "surprise packets" at Bistro St.Gallen from the leftover food from the lunch buffet. These packets can then be pre-ordered in the "Too Good To Go" app and picked up at the restaurant.

Einstein St.Gallen x Too Good To Go

Low-emission vehicles from Genesis

Our company cars of the brand Genesis are fully electric and contribute to sustainable driving. The cars have a long lifespan, do not release polluting emissions and have a quiet engine. Energy is recovered when braking with e-cars. This offers an advantage for range extension.

Key Cards

St.Gallen's textile history is also reflected in our room cards. Pure cotton raw materials are used for the cards, as they have a low carbon content and strong breathability. The cards are waterproof and do not cause allergies. This makes them durable and environmentally friendly.

„Green Meetings“ at the Einstein St.Gallen

Below the Einstein Congress is a large geothermal plant which cools and heats the congress center and office buildings as well as the fitness park. The same system also heats the hotel. Congress organizers can rest assured that their meetings and events at the Einstein St.Gallen will be highly sustainable thanks to the use of energy-efficient equipment and standardized waste disposal and recycling coupled with the convenient location of St.Gallen.

Energy city St.Gallen

In 2001, the SuisseEnergie program launched the "Cités de l'énergie" (Energy Cities) to provide a “platform for an intelligent energy policy”. They promote the use of renewable energies, environmentally friendly mobility and sustainable resources management. St.Gallen is one of 313 Energy Cities in Switzerland.

European Energy Award Gold

St.Gallen has been awarded the European Energy Award® Gold for its commitment to sustainable energy policy. This is the highest certification that Energy Cities can obtain and means they have implemented at least 75 percent of their commitment plan.

Nespresso pads and capsules

Nespresso has launched the "Recycling@home" campaign, offering customers the option of collecting used pads and capsules from their homes. The Nespresso capsules and pads are collected in a recycling bag and can be placed in the milk bottle crate. The postman takes the bag and Nespresso recycles the used capsules and pads. We support this idea and take part in this recycling scheme for capsules and pads.


Bees are among the most important farm animals in the world. They pollinate various fruit trees and shrubs and thus ensure the harvest of many foods. Since mid-April 2022, bees have been living on the roof of the Einstein Congress and working diligently to produce sweet honey. Our guests can enjoy our delicious "Rooftop Honey" at the breakfast buffet.

Rooftop Honey

Brumenau farm

We purchase the milk, yogurt and cheese for the breakfast buffet from the Brumenau farm in Wittenbach, St.Gallen. The products stand for regionality, freshness, high quality and sustainability.

Brumenau Hof

Turmkaffee 1761

Since 1761, for 260 years, Turmkaffee has stood for high-quality coffee culture. For their coffee, they use only Arabica beans from three projects they support that are committed to the sustainability of coffee cultivation. The hand-selected beans from Guatemala, Brazil and Honduras produce a fruity and clean cup profile. At the same time, by using these selected beans, Turmkaffee sustainably promotes the future of the coffee industry in the countries of origin.

Turmkaffee Einstein St.Gallen

What else we do to save the environment

  • No plastic straws in any of our establishments
  • We separate waste
  • Electric vehicle charging points
  • Climate-neutral air conditioning in the hotel rooms provides cool air in the summer and heat in the winter, thus saving on fuel oil
  • We send electronic invoices whenever possible


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