Global Hotel Security Standard

The award shows guests and travel buyers that the hotel has been independently assessed to meet more than 23 safety and security standards.


Based on Safehotels experience in creating and operating the Global Hotel Security Standard© – the world’s leading independent safety and security certification standard for hotels – CovidClean covers the key sanitation topics hoteliers need to control, including cleaning, hygiene, social distancing, on-site resources, training and awareness. It is based on Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.

Traveler's Choice Award

The TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice Award is given to hotels with consistent positive global feedback. TripAdvisor issues this award to hotels that have had excellent feedback only in the past year.


The GaultMillau Guide issues GaultMillau chef’s hats and is one of the most sought-after awards in the world of "haute cuisine” next to the Michelin stars. Up to 20 points are issued. The Einstein Gourmet has been awarded 18 GaultMillau points.

Michelin Guide

The Michelin stars are one of the most important awards for gourmet cuisine. Restaurants are awarded up to three stars. The stars are given for the originality of the dishes, consistent quality and expert preparation. The Einstein Gourmet has two Michelin stars.

Swiss Wine List Award

Vinum's "Swiss Wine List Award" honors the best and most ambitious wine lists in Switzerland. The range and depth of the wine selection, the care of the vintages as well as the topicality of the wine offer play a major role. However, the expert judges primarily examine whether the selection of wines matches the cuisine of the respective restaurant. The wine list from Einstein Gourmet was awarded gold in the "Gourmet & Stars" category.

Wine Spectator

The Wine Spectator issues an award for restaurants with an interesting wine list that matches the cuisine and appeals to a wide range of wine lovers. Up to three wine glasses are issued to restaurants. The Einstein Gourmet has been awarded two wine glasses.

World's Best Wine List - Three Star Award

The award is related to general criteria of the wine list, such as an exceptionally wide and deep selection, a high proportion of leading producers and an excellent blend of vintages. In addition, the presentation of the wines is also evaluated. The wine list of Einstein Gourmet has received the full number of stars.

Best Swiss Wine List - Falstaff Restaurant and Pub Guide 2024

Falstaff features 1,250 restaurants in its annual restaurant and pub guide. In the 2024 edition, the wine list from Einstein Gourmet was named "Best Swiss Wine List". Over 2,900 positions are listed on the list. The focus is on fine wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy.

GaultMillau - Bistro St.Gallen

The GaultMillau Guide is one of the most prestigious awards in gastronomy. Bistro St.Gallen has been awarded 14 GaultMillau points out of a maximum of 20.

Swiss Guest Award

The Swiss Guest Award is awarded by Lunchgate to those restaurants that are able to convince with their excellent cuisine, courteous service and a suitable price-performance ratio. The Bistro St.Gallen received 4.8 of 5.0 stars.

Best Hotel Bar

Falstaff presents an annual guide with the best cocktail and wine bars in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Einstein Bar was named best hotel bar in the Falstaff Guide 2023.

Swiss Location Award

Each year, more than 25,000 event organizers and location visitors as well as a jury of experts appraise more than 500 locations all over Switzerland. In 2023, the Einstein Congress was again voted as one of the top congress locations in Switzerland.