Einstein St.Gallen

Einstein St.Gallen

A stay in a diverse region

Welcome to Eastern Switzerland!

This is where city meets nature. Beautiful hiking trails, the imposing Alpstein mountains and the turquoise Lake Constance offer various experiences for people of all ages.

In the heart of the region is the city of St.Gallen. The cultural city is famous for the Abbey District with its cathedral and the world-famous Abbey Library, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The picturesque old town invites you to discover and stroll around. The city is also known as an embroidery metropolis. Around 1910, 50% of the world's embroidery production came from St.Gallen.

History of St.Gallen

Historic world heritage city in the four-country corner

Legend has it that in the year 612 the Irish monk Gallus stumbled over a root in the Steinach valley. He decided to stay there and built himself a hut. He was joined by followers and a first church was built in what is now St.Gallen.

The spiritual center of Europe

719 - a century later the Gallus settlement was revived by Otmar. This gave rise to the monastery of St.Gallen, which, with its imposing double-towered cathedral, became an important spiritual center of Europe. Numerous manuscripts and documents from this period of prosperity have been preserved. The St.Gallen monastery plan - the oldest preserved building plan in Europe - and the oldest German-language dictionary are among the most precious treasures. Numerous manuscripts were written in the monastery and remain there to this day. A tourist magnet is the monastery library, built in 1758, which is one of the most beautiful historical book halls in the world. The stock of the library, which is still active today, amounts to about 170,000 books. Special attractions include the 16th-century globe, which is over two meters high, and the Egyptian mummy of Shepenes, which has been the property of the library since 1836, together with its sarcophagi. UNESCO declared the Abbey District with the Abbey Library a World Heritage Site in 1983.

Location St.Gallen
Abbey St.Gallen

OSKAR - The guest card of Eastern Switzerland

With OSKAR an eventful stay is guaranteed. Selected offers such as mountain railway tickets, museum admissions and much more are free of charge once with Oskar. The card is available for stays of two nights or more and costs CHF 17.00 per person per day. In addition, public transport can be used free of charge on the entire "Ostwind" route network.

Einstein St.Gallen

The Einstein St.Gallen is closely connected with the textile industry. The classicist five-story building was built in 1830 by the widow of textile finisher Jacob Allgäuer. The proactive entrepreneur ran a textile finishing shop in it. Later, the first floor housed the People's Kitchen.

The American embroidery factory owner Isaac D. Einstein saw the existing textile industry in St.Gallen as a locational advantage and had the old building converted into an embroidery factory in 1884 by the architect Karl August Hiller. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, Einstein-Hirsch & Cie. was active here, and from 1936 the Adolf Hahn company. By this time, however, the golden age of the St.Gallen embroidery industry had long since passed.

In 1978, the St.Gallen textile manufacturer Max Kriemler bought the property, renovated it from the ground up and converted it into the four-star Hotel Einstein St.Gallen, which opened in 1983. 20 years later, the hotel success story continues. Max Kriemler decided to expand the existing Einstein in the adjacent building by 48 new, modern hotel rooms. As a result, the Einstein today has 113 rooms, the Einstein Gourmet with a view over the roofs of the old town, the stylish English-style Einstein Bar and one of the most modern fitness parks in Switzerland. Versatile seminar and banquet facilities in the Einstein Congress, built in 2009, and the Bistro St.Gallen round out the offering.

In 2012, the Einstein St.Gallen was classified as a 4-star superior hotel.


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