Wine tasting at Weinstein Vinotheque Weinstein Vinotheque 2022-04-08

Wine tasting at Weinstein Vinotheque

Cantina Settemaggio | Monte Carasso | Ticino

Tasting with Eliana Marcionetti of the Cantina Settemaggio winery.

Cantina Settemaggio; these are the siblings Eliana, Nicola and Raffaele Marcionetti. After graduating as an agricultural engineer in 1999, Nicola took over his parents' farm and laid the foundation of today's Cantina Settemaggio.

The Cantina has remained an agricultural business to this day, so in addition to wine, various agricultural products are still produced. For example, the only risotto rice produced in Switzerland is grown at Settemaggio and has been awarded the Bio-Knospe Schweiz label.

Wine, however, is and remains the great passion of the Marcionetti's and, at the latest since Raffaele joined them as cellar master in 2002, also the economic mainstay. It all began with the Merlot Irti Colli and developed over the years into an exciting portfolio of now eight different wines. The focus is, in the spirit of the siblings' parents, always on natural, sustainable cultivation. Thus, the entire winery is cultivated according to biodynamic guidelines.

In addition to Merlot, which is omnipresent in Ticino, the grape varieties Galotta, Carminoir, Sauvignon Soyhières and Marselan are also cultivated. Special attention is paid to the Marselan grape variety (a cross between Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon). The Marselan grape is perfectly suited to the Ticino climate, is very robust and produces a wine that scores with powerful aromatics.

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In the Bistro St.Gallen, the wines of the Cantina Settemaggio winery will be served throughout the month of April. Enjoy the exquisite wines with the international dishes of the restaurant.

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