gambrinus jazz plus - Local Cracks Bistro St.Gallen 2020-12-07

gambrinus jazz plus - Local Cracks

The Innerrhoder singer and composer breathes a proper portion of jazz into Appenzeller songs and embellishes her songs with a touch of folk music. She makes and finds music where she feels at home. You can feel this in the melodies whispered to her by hills and rocks, which a warm hairdryer storm has brought to her. And you can learn this from the simple stories she tells. Jazzy and earthy, cheerful and melancholy. The compositions and arrangements enchant with dialect texts and yodel scat, carried by a bell-bright voice. With her songs, Karin Streule has created something very independent, which is nourished both by tradition and homeland solidarity and by the pulse of the time. Down-to-earth and cloudy.

The "Karin Streule Band" plays archaic and light-footed, earthy and mystical - music like morning mist over the Fälensee.

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Bistro St.Gallen

Karin Streule Band

Karin Streule (Vocals)
Niklaus Mäder (Bass clarinet)
Ramon Landolt (Piano)
Mirco Häberli (Contra bass)
Andriu Maissen (Drums)
Fränggi Gehrig (Accordion)

Normal price: CHF 23.00 per person
Member: CHF 18.00 per person

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