Gambrinus Jazz Plus - Local Cracks Bistro St.Gallen 2020-09-07

Gambrinus Jazz Plus - Local Cracks

Peter Lenzin Band

The music of saxophonist Peter Lenzin is as simple as it is all-encompassing: to love and live life in all its facets! Whoever dives into the sonic hyperspace that saxophonist Peter Lenzin creates together with his congenial musicians will emerge differently than before. It is the power in Lenzin's virtuoso playing that inescapably captures you and the sensitive sensitivity of his playing that sometimes makes the cells cry. Concerts by Peter Lenzin and his ensemble arise from the creative power of the moment and are nothing less than hymns to life. Jazzy, pop-rocky soundtracks that look out into the world for all those who roam the world with open antennas. For lovers and the living. Here and now!

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Bistro St.Gallen

Peter Lenzin (Saxophon)
Saki Hatzigeorgiou (Guitar)
Stephan Reinthaler (Bass)
Jan Geiger (Drums)

Normal price: CHF 23.00 per person
Member: CHF 18.00 per person
KulturLegi: CHF 12.00 per person

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