gambrinus jazz plus - local cracks - Brew Group Bistro St.Gallen 2024-04-08

gambrinus jazz plus - local cracks - Brew Group

Brew Group

FUSION: Rumor has it - from the endless depths of the fusion vault rises a new formation whose passion is to infect our society with energetic, electric sound. Brew Group focuses on contrasts - technical sophistication meets freedom, groove meets nostalgic emotional moments and high-speed planks meet atmospheric ballads for reflection. The audience can be prepared for one thing: once the machinery gets rolling, there's no turning back. Alea iacta est!

Rafael Frei - saxophone, EWI
Lukas Stocker - Keys
Gabriel Jetter - Synthesizer
Andreas Dehner - E-Bass
Daniel Schuchter - Drums

Enjoy a 2-course menu at Bistro St.Gallen before the concert.

Information & Reservation

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Bistro St.Gallen

Normal price incl. 2-course menu: CHF 66.00 per person
Member incl. 2-course menu: CHF 61.00 per person
Normal price: CHF 29.00 per person
Member: CHF 24.00 per person

Door opening 6 pm | concert start 8 pm

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