gambrinus jazz plus - local cracks - DEJÀN Bistro St.Gallen 2023-12-04

gambrinus jazz plus - local cracks - DEJÀN


The sound of an open world. LATIN JAZZ | DEJÀN stands for pulsating rhythms and Latin American sounds. The name DEJÀN is composed of the Spanish DE ("of") and the Azerbaijani JAN, which means "family" or "soul"; the band members form a soul family dedicated to Latin jazz - a fusion of Latin American lifestyle and melodies. Their music thrives on the universal and unifying language of creativity.

Enjoy a 2-course menu at Bistro St.Gallen before the concert.

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Bistro St.Gallen

Normal price incl. 2-course menu: CHF 65.00 per person
Member incl. 2-course menu: CHF 60.00 per person
Normal price: CHF 28.00 per person
Member: CHF 23.00 per person

Door opening 6 pm | concert start 8 pm

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