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gambrinus jazz plus - Global-cats

Habib Koité & Bamada

Habib Koité has become one of the great stars of world music primarily because of his rousing live performances: a musician and storyteller who uses his charisma and skill to make his musical roots accessible to a broad audience. One of the keys to his success are his extensive concert tours. Since 1994 he has given over 1700 concerts worldwide at festivals, concert halls, theaters and clubs. It is probably the intrepid and extremely subtle fusion of all Malian nuances with soul, blues, flamenco reminiscences and modern afro-groove into a new sound image that makes up the magic of his music. With one foot in the past and the other in the future, Habib Koité is an artist for a generation that has experienced the collapse of cultural barriers also as a liberation.

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Bistro St.Gallen

Habib Koité – Lead vocal, guitar
Abdoul Wahab Berhé – Bass, kamalé ngoni
Issa Koné – Guitar, banjo, backing vocals
Charly Coulibaly – Keyboard, backing vocals
Mama Koné – Percussions, backing vocals
Mahamadou Koné – Tamani (talking drums), barra

Normal price: CHF 40.00 per person
Member: CHF 35.00 per person

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