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gambrinus jazz plus - Global Cats

Cyrille Aimée

For Grammy nominated artist Cyrille Aimée, improvisation is not just a technique, but an attitude to life. The acclaimed singer dared to sing on street corners in Europe and thrill audiences at the world's most prestigious jazz festivals; to sneak out to sing in gypsy camps in her native France and act on Broadway; to defy the notoriously critical audiences at New York's Apollo Theater; and to be called a "rising star in the galaxy of jazz singers" by the New York Times. Among countless awards, Aimée won the Montreux Jazz Festival Singing Competition and the Sarah Vaughn International Jazz Vocal Competition. As an actress, Aimée performed with Bernadette Peters in a tribute to Stephen Sondheim in downtown New York, which inspired her to dig deeper into Sondheim's repertoire, leading to her fourth and most recent album, Move On: A Sondheim Adventure. She told her story in master classes, a TEDx lecture and several speeches at the World Affairs Conference.

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