Einstein Session Einstein Bar 2021-04-16

Einstein Session

Every third Friday of the month, we provide a platform for local and international artists with the Einstein Session.

Eddy & Fritz

Eddy's nimble fingers scurried over the keys of a piano set up in Rorschach on the central market square at an incredible speed. One of the spectators, Fritz, was particularly impressed and Eddy spontaneously invited him to try it four handed. This happened two years ago, and since then the two of them have often played together on different occasions, mainly boogie, blues and rock, with admixtures of other styles if desired. Eddy is one of those pianists who have absorbed piano playing with their mother's milk, who never orientate themselves on sheets of music and yet playfully transfer the music unfolding before their mental eye into the keys. Thus he elicited his first boogie woogie from the piano at the age of six, at 19 he won a first place on "Swiss Top" Radio DRS 1. Afterwards, i.e. now for over 20 years, he played and plays regularly in front of an audience at various occasions. From the age of six Fritz enjoyed classical piano lessons for the time being, although "enjoyed" was not quite correct. It wasn't until eight years later in the 1970s that he really began to enjoy his new teacher, a bar pianist who allowed him to play Beatles songs, but also boogie or the St. Louis blues. This was the initial spark that his piano remained a faithful companion in the following decades.

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