Einstein Session

Every third Friday of the month, we provide a platform for local and international artists with the Einstein Session.


Akt Ando is a combination of several styles of music merged together creating a unique sound. On one side, Akt Ando is  jazz being influenced by the greats as Thelonious Monk: From the jazz melodies to the offbeat timing to the different rhythm and improvisation.

On the other side, Akt Ando is hiphop, taking influences from such producers as Scott Storch. In the middle, Akt Ando takes a lot of influences from Latin Music. From the traditional salsa tempo to the fusion of reggae soul, afrobeat and funk.

Akt Ando is sending a message of humanity and peace sharing completely its message with the audience.

Information & Reservation

Tel. +41 71 227 55 55

Einstein Bar

Free entry

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