Einstein Session Einstein Bar 2021-09-17

Einstein Session

Every third Friday of the month, we provide a platform for local and international artists with the Einstein Session.

Belinda Del Porto

Music has always shaped Belinda del Porto's life. In her family she is the exception, as everyone else is more interested in sports. But maybe this is exactly the reason why Belinda has been given an even greater portion of talent and passion for music. Singing has always been her passion and as a child she attended piano lessons. Since it was difficult to take it to friends and campfires, the musician taught herself to play the guitar. During her school days she took singing lessons, experimented with jazz, pop and classical music and collected all her song sketches, which she let mature until she had her degree in her pocket. Then she knew that her heart beats for German pop. Afterwards she gave herself one year to finish the songs she had started to write and record them in the studio with a band.
She shares "her good friend and companion" with others in many ways, because for Belinda del Porto music is more than just something she wants to do on her own. She shares her soft, clear voice with all those who listen to her. She shares her passion and views. She is generous. You can feel this in her lyrics, which are not about self-dramatization, but rather about what she wants to give to others.
Belinda del Porto is currently working on her debut album. Her single "Kryptomann" will be released this autumn.

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