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Above the rooftops of St.Gallen, on the 5th floor with a view over the city, the chefs Sebastian Zier and Richard Schmidtkonz are waiting for you in the 18 points GaultMillau and two stars Michelin awarded Einstein Gourmet. Enjoy a variety of flavors and experience first-class products prepared with attention to detail. The French-influenced and world open cooking style is rounded off by the restaurant managers Loris Lenzo and Daniel Bölle with exquisite wines from the Einstein St.Gallen wine cellar.

The Einstein Gourmet Team is looking forward to welcoming you!

18 GaultMillau points and 2 Michelin stars

Awards Einstein Gourmet
Swiss Wine List Award
  • Wine list

The menu and wine list are subject to change.

Flying high through the world of flavors Einstein Gourmet - Einstein St.Gallen

6-Hands Lunch at Einstein Gourmet

Sunday, September 22nd, 2024, 11.30 am

The 6-Hands Lunch is almost a kind of class reunion, as guest chef Kevin Romes himself spent several years in the Einstein Gourmet kitchen. Sebastian Zier and Richard Schmidtkonz cook a tasty 6-course menu together with Kevin Romes. The harmonizing wines round off the culinary experience.

Guest chef:
Kevin Romes, Skin's The Restaurant: 16 points GaultMillau & 2 stars Michelin

6-course menu with wine pairing: CHF 470.00 per person
1 glass of champagne, 6-course menu, wine pairing

6-course menu without wine pairing: CHF 325.00 per person
1 glass of champagne and 6-course menu

6-Hands Lunch at Einstein Gourmet

Wine & Dine - Bordeaux 2003

Saturday, October 19th, 2024, 5.30 pm

A Bordeaux wine tasting in top class. It will be all about the year 2003. Great rarities will be opened and served for this unique evening by Head Sommelier Loris Lenzo and his team. Accompanied by a 6-course menu by Sebastian Zier and Richard Schmidtkonz, you can look forward to an evening of unforgettable wine moments.

6-course menu with wine pairing: CHF 1680.00 per person
incl. tasting and 6-course menu, other drinks excl.

Wine & Dine - Bordeaux 2003

St.Gallen cooks

Sunday, November 17th, 2024
Aperitive at 11.30 am | Start of menu at 12.30 pm

Guest chefs:

  • Max Marte and Marcus Zillmann, Bistro St.Gallen | 14 points GaultMillau
  • Silvio Germann, Mammertsberg, Freidorf | 18 points GaultMillau & 2 Michelin stars
  • Agron Lleshi, Jägerhof, St. Gallen | 17 points GaultMillau & 1 Michelin star
  • Martin Benninger, Segreto, Wittenbach | 16 points GaultMillau & 1 Michelin star
  • Alex Zimmermann, Alte Post, St. Gallen | 14 points GaultMillau
  • Sandro Vladani, Genuss Manufaktur Neubad, St. Gallen | 14 points GaultMillau

CHF 420.00 per person

St.Gallen cooks

Quick Dinner

90 minutes of indulgence

Are you in a hurry but want to experience the culinary delights of the Einstein Gourmet? A 3-course menu in a class of its own is served at the Quick Dinner.

CHF 185.00

Bookable on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Quick Dinner Einstein Gourmet - Regula Wolf

Einstein Gourmet Banquets

Great moments - enjoy exclusively

Einstein Gourmet - awarded several times with 18 points GaultMillau & 2 stars Michelin.

Celebrate the culinary delights at your company, family or Christmas party and treat yourself to a fancy dinner from Einstein Gourmet. The top chefs Sebastian Zier and Richard Schmidtkonz will spoil your and your guests' palates at the highest culinary level: French-influenced dishes are interpreted in a world open way.

For your event from 25 to 150 persons at the Einstein St.Gallen.

Information & Reservation
+41 71 227 55 00 |

Bodenseeaal Einstein Gourmet Einstein St.Gallen

The Team

Sebastian Zier, the award-winning Executive Chef of Einstein Gourmet, will accompany you on a journey to the culinary stars and spoil you with French-influenced and world open dishes.

For several years, Head Chef Richard Schmidtkonz has been cooking together with Sebastian Zier and conjures up a taste experience on the table.

Restaurant Managers Loris Lenzo and Daniel Bölle guide you through the evening and advise you on the wines that harmonize with the dishes.

Einstein Gourmet Team - Einstein St.Gallen
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Einstein Gourmet Einstein St.Gallen
Bodenseeaal Einstein Gourmet Einstein St.Gallen
Ibérico Secreto Einstein Gourmet Einstein St.Gallen
Flanksteak Einstein Gourmet Einstein St.Gallen

Opening hours & Annual vacations

Wednesday to Saturday
From 6 pm

Annual vacations

  • May 5th - 14th, 2024
  • June 30th - August 13th, 2024
  • December 26th - 30th, 2024

During this time we are happy to welcome you at Bistro St.Gallen.

Contact & Address

Einstein Gourmet
Berneggstrasse 2
9000 St.Gallen
Tel. +41 71 227 55 55

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Einstein Gourmet Offers

From CHF 545.00 Flying High through the World of Flavors
From CHF 405.- Mid-Week Gourmet Special
From CHF 185.- Quick Dinner
From CHF 30.- Tasting in the wine cellar Einstein
From CHF 170.- Einstein Gourmet Banquets

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