"Green Meetings" at the Einstein St.Gallen

Underneath the Einstein Congress one of the largest geothermal plants in Europe can be found. With this plant, the cooling and the heating of the convention centre, the office building as well as the fitnesspark is being effected. Additionally, the hotel complex is heated with the same plant. The regional purchase of food, the onset of energy-efficient equipment and the standardised waste management and recycling coupled with the convenient location of St.Gallen enable conference organisers to hold highly sustainable meetings and events at the Einstein St.Gallen.

Energy city of St. Gallen

Initiated in 2001 by the SuisseEnergie (Swiss Energy) programme as a "platform for an intelligent energy policy", the "Cités de l'énergie" (Energy Cities) promote the use of renewable energy sources, supportable environmental mobility and sustainable resource management. St. Gall is one of 313 Energy Cities in Switzerland.

European Energy Award Gold

St. Gallen has been awarded the European Energy Award® Gold for its advanced commitment to sustainable energy policy. This is the highest certification that Energy Cities can obtain and means they have implemented at least 75% of their commitment plan.

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